Sunday, January 24, 2021



As an avid reader, I frequently find that the best paragraphs in posts and essays are the penultimate ones - the next to last paragraph.

This essay from, one of my favorite reads to which I subscribe, is a perfect example. It is written anonymously by someone who considers themselves a “whistleblower” within the Social Justice Movement, Hollywood Division. I especially love the “Wokeyleaks” moniker. This could be a really fun miniseries, but don’t count on Netflix or Amazon to produce it. 

It is illuminating and insightful. Especially the penultimate paragraph:

“We are so trapped within the algorithm that we’re blind to the fact that social justice is no longer a political movement but a branding exercise. We are not activists and revolutionaries but consumers, liking and sharing videos and memes about democracy and equality on phones built by serfs in faraway fiefdoms. This is why the social justice movement has been so rapidly and seamlessly adopted by corporate America. It’s all PR with no action. When you walk into the lobby of Netflix’s headquarters in LA, you are greeted by a huge megaphone prop with the words ‘Stay Woke’ spray painted across it — this from a company that edits its content at the request of the Saudi Arabian regime.”


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