Friday, January 22, 2021

Interesting Reads Today

Sometimes, what others write supersedes one's own desire to pontificate. This is one of those days.

Three posts are worth your time today, including two from a great new blog site, "Unherd." 

Start with this one: "Why The Left Can't Let Go of Trump." It is highly insightful from the perspective of someone who didn't like Trump. To wit:

"Is this Donald Trump’s legacy? Have those of us who thought we were fighting a monster become one ourselves? Six months ago, progressives marched against police overreach and scolded their fellow citizens for calling the cops on looters. Today, these same people fantasise openly about seeing the MAGA rioters behind bars. Activists who used the public sphere of social media to transform a hashtag campaign into a global movement for justice now celebrate the silencing of their political opponents."

Sticking with Unherd, Michael Tracey asks a very important question: "Why did no one question the military occupation of Washington," in his post, "Capturing the Capitol." 

"It was the refusal of American media to question the necessity of these extraordinary measures that will be one of the longest-lasting consequences of the entire bizarre affair. It confirmed that journalists will uncritically accept extravagant shows of intrusive state force, so long as the political incentives are correctly aligned. During the riots in the summer, the US media generally reacted with horror to the prospect of the American military being deployed to allay “civil unrest,” with many claiming that it would be tantamount to white supremacy for soldiers to deter arson attacks against small minority-owned businesses and private residences."

And lastly, Michael Barone, a brilliant political demographer I've long admired, opines on why "Biden's Heartfelt Appeal for Unity Likely to be Unavailing." 

"In a time of polarized partisan parity, passing major bipartisan legislation is mostly impossible, and using partisan majorities to pass longtime wish lists usually boomerangs on those in power."

Worthy reads.

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