Saturday, January 23, 2021

America Needs a "Social Capital Campaign"

 There is ample evidence to suggest that America's "social fabric," that which binds our diverse society together, still hangs but is torn, tattered, wind-whipped, and relentlessly soiled by corrosive forces.

I've contributed my own thoughts previously about how to help mend it, more focused on process than trying to persuade particular courses of action. It seems we need to relearn how to listen, respect, and relate to each other before we try the arts of persuasion. Let me add self-awareness to the list.

My friend, Mark Rodgers, CEO of The Clapham Group, has given this a lot of thought over many years. He recently posted on his blog an excellent set of ideas around the concept of restoring "social capital." They are solid and worth considering.

I may quibble with a thing or two, and think this effort may emerge best from "the grassroots" versus some top-down, nationally-focused enterprise, but the thrust is excellent and welcome.

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