Monday, December 28, 2020

Don't Be This Neighbor

Originally posted on south Arlington, Virginia's Nextdoor.Com's website. I thought I'd share this as a lesson to fellow boomers who are retiring and downsizing in droves right now. We have temporarily downsized from a wonderful home in the Philly suburbs, a veritable arboretum with pond, dozens of mature trees, and on nearly 2 acres of land next to a top-ranked state park. Downsized, that is, into a 2 bedroom walk-up condo in a historic building/community built hurriedly in WWII not far from the Pentagon and without much consideration for good soundproofing. There is no accounting for some people, it seems.

We are delighted to return to Arlington after nearly 30 years, downsizing from a big house in the Philly suburbs. We just moved into a Fairlington Village walk-up condo that we’ve owned and rented out to our son and others since 2011. The previous owner of 10 years is family as well. Unfortunately, our downstairs neighbor isn’t as happy at our return. But it was not unexpected.
iPhone Decibel Meter

He called the police on us. On our first full night as a family of two seniors with a visiting adult son. The same thing he did to our other son, on his first night in the condo, 9, nearly 10 years ago. Even after turning down the sound on an upstairs (loft) TV as he requested. We were watching a Christmas movie that my spouse and son had fallen asleep to. This is the same neighbor I’ve heard practicing his guitar during the work week during previous visits here. The same neighbor who has been caught violating outdoor gas grilling regulations. Don’t be the kind of of neighbor who files false reports to police, especially to enforce unreasonable “noise” standards in a building not known for its sound insulation. It is actually against the law to file false reports. We have long taken mitigation measures to reduce noise out of respect for all our neighbors. Cork-lining underneath our most of our carpeting. Padding at our entrance doorway to avoid sounds of door slamming. Not wearing shoes when we’re in the unit. We’ve now downloaded a decibel meter for our iPhone to keep track of the noise levels. This neighbor has more than a decade of complaining and harassing people in this unit over his absurd noise obsession, and I suspect others. We know because we’ve heard them from almost everyone who has resided in this unit. What a miserable way to live. Life is too short to be so bizarrely obsessed. We’re grateful to our other new neighbors who seem friendly and normal. And we’re still glad to be back. Happy New Year, everyone.

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  1. Did not know all of your titles. Can't keep a job can you?

    Welcome to the neighborhood. Come visit at Lake Barcroft