Monday, November 2, 2020

Pennsylvania's Governor Accomplishes What the British Couldn't: Shutting Down a Historic Philly Colonial Restaurant

 One of my family's favorite Philly restaurants, especially for entertaining out of town visitors, is the City Tavern, a historic restaurant on federal property just a short walk away from Independence Hall and Congress Hall.

After accompanying visitors to the Museum of the American Revolution (we're founding members), Congress Hall, or Independence Hall, we would happily conclude our day at the same location that our founders would conclude their days arguing and debating over the Declaration of Independence, Articles of Confederation, and the Constitution of the US.
They announced today that they are closing. Immediately. Permanently.
One of my greatest memories is speaking to a group of food technologists and scientists on the second floor, where many of those historic debates took place. Birthdays, catching up with friends, and other special events with family.
Our oldest son would always load up on Yards beer featuring some of our founders on the label to take back home. The food wasn't always great and you can find better meals among Philly's fantastic food scene, but the service and the ambiance were memorable. We always enjoyed our times there.
It is not hard to figure out why they've been forced to shut down. Pennsylvania is the second most stringent "lockdown" state in the nation, behind California and just a notch above Michigan. Governor Wolf is systematically destroying the foodservice industry in Pennsylvania with restrictions on indoor dining, and this historic restaurant is his latest victim. There is nearly zero evidence of COVID spread in restaurants, where property mitigation occurs. Wolf vetoed legislation that would allow restaurants to return to normal levels, with mitigation.
City Tavern, thanks for the memories. RIP
Governor Wolf, the loss of this icon is on you.

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