Thursday, October 15, 2020

Quick Observations on Competing Presidential Town Halls

 Some quick observations about tonight's competing ABC and NBC town halls with the presidential candidates. We tried to watch the NBC Trump town hall on the telly while watching/monitoring the ABC Biden town hall via my computer.

What a complete contrast. The Biden town hall was civilized to near boredom. The mostly, almost exclusively, friendly questions, inquisitors, and the largely slow-moving format made for a love fest. The Trump town hall? Just the opposite.
From my perspective, Biden was most impressive in his detailed knowledge of converting chicken shit into pellets for fertilizer. As a former food and ag lobbyist, I was mesmerized. Since Delaware is home to a lot of broilers and, frankly, chicken shit, Biden's 36 years in the US Senate from our First State has served him well. He knows his shit.
Not a single question about his son's corrupt foreign financial dealings or how he may have benefited. The toughest question he got was on "court-packing," which again he refused to answer but - and here's news! - promised to answer after the ACB SCOTUS confirmation process has concluded. Breath, held.
Trump was barraged with a cavalcade of interruptions and hostile questions from the execrable, screeching Savannah Guthrie, making the program almost unwatchable. I was amazed by how patient Trump was with Guthrie's hostile questions, rude and disrespectful behavior, and obvious effort to make this more about her than the citizens in the audience, or the President. I realize putting the words "grace" and "Trump" in the same sentence seems bizarre, he demonstrated a lot of it during the entire hour.
ABC's town hall lasted 90 minutes; NBC's, 60 minutes.
Both should be considered corporate contributions to the Biden campaign.

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