Friday, August 14, 2020

Why Do Both Verizon Fios AND Comcast Xfinity Internet Services Suck?

 Honest question. How many of you who rely on internet service subscribe to more than one service?

I don’t mean having cellular as a back up to your internet service for your Android or Apple devices. I mean paying for both Xfinity/Comcast AND Verizon Fios so you can count on internet service throughout your day.

I am in that mode now. I switched from Comcast to Fios in November last year when Comcast lied to me, repeatedly, about recovery times from a tornado that swept through our area last Halloween. After 7 days of no service and false promises, I switched. 

And then, it took Fios almost a week, after a false start, to get going.

It worked well for awhile, and Fios is a slightly cheaper and a better deal (no long term contract). But after several months of good service, the recent “tropical storm” has interrupted my service every day for two weeks. Verizon not only can’t fix it, but resents my requests for service. Big companies really suck at customer service, it seems.

So, I signed up for Comcast again, without yet canceling Fios. But my Comcast service went out again tonight.  I signed back into Fios, and presto! Internet! For now.

What a sad state of affairs (yes, I know that this is a first world problem) that we have no reliable internet service. At least where I live. Here in the Philly suburbs. 

If anyone has a good alternative, I’m all ears. I have too many trees to rely on satellite service, like HughesNet or Dish. Maybe I should reach out to Elon Musk for suggestions.

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