Saturday, August 22, 2020

Survey: People Overestimate Risk of Death from COVID

You've probably experienced it. If you go on a "fast walk" or especially a run on an off-road trail, outdoors, and you're not wearing a face covering, you've seen people scamper off the trail quickly to adorn their masks - even face shields - to protect themselves, from you. It makes those of us who don't (can't) wear masks while working out alone feel like lepers. Talk about social distancing.

Some trails and parks are worse than others. My local Ridley Creek State Park (Edgmont Township, Delaware County, SE Pennsylvania), with its mostly 12-foot wide paved trail, is chock full of such fearful people. Most skew older and may have chronic conditions, and I respect that. And it's not like I'm breaking the law by not wearing a mask while working out alone (or on a walk with my better half). Our Governor's punitive mask mandate only requires wearing a mask outdoors when you cannot "consistently socially distance" (you know, the 6 feet apart thing). I have no problem keeping away from people (even without a pandemic). And just for the record, I strictly adhere to the mask and social distancing mandates.
I always just shake my head at the obsessively fearful in pity (but respectfully). I cannot imagine living with such fear, even as someone who is about to turn 64. My faith teaches me otherwise - there are 200 incidences in the Good Book where we are told "do not fear," "fear not," or "do not be afraid." But I also know they are not alone.
In fact, thanks to the panic porn shoved in our faces by a malign media, it's very easy to fall into the fear trap. There's a new book written about it Matt Margolis, "Airborne," which I've just downloaded on Kindle. He outlines the whole sordid array of malevolence and irresponsible reporting by major media on the COVID issue. And former New York Times reporter and author Alex Berenson has a fascinating Twitter feed (@AlexBerenson) that you should follow if you're on that Thunderdome of a social media outlet.
"The survey found Americans believed people aged 55 and older made up more than half, 57.7 percent, of total coronavirus deaths.
"Those 55 and older actually made up more than 90 percent of all COVID-19 deaths in the U.S.
"Researchers also found that Americans believed people aged 44 and younger made up about 30 percent of total coronavirus deaths when the actual figure was just less than 3 percent."
My takeaway: People are not educating themselves properly about the China Virus.

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