Thursday, August 20, 2020

Pennsylvania Needs A New Attorney General

I first met Josh Shapiro many years ago when he was a relatively new member of the Pennsylvania General Assembly, at a Phillies game, via his political supporters at the powerful and politically-connected Philly law firm, Stradley & Ronan. He's a nice guy - smart, approachable, articulate, talented, and very, VERY ambitious.
He would move on to serve on the Montgomery County Council (one of the large suburban counties outside of Philadelphia), and in 2016, was elected as our commonwealth's Attorney General. He's running for reelection this year, and as we all know, being an "AG" means being an "aspiring governor." The Commonwealth's worst kept secret is that he is running for Governor in 2022 when incumbent Tom Wolf's second term expires and, thankfully, he cannot run for reelection (he likely would not win if he could; he's that bad). And Shapiro undoubtedly has visions of bigger things.
Sadly, he would be no improvement over the arrogant, incompetent, and deeply leftist Wolf. In fact, he could be worse.
Shapiro got off to a great start when he expertly managed the investigation into a scandal of child abuse by several bad Catholic priests in our state. But it didn't take long for him to go off the rails.
He decided to become the lead plaintiff (along with NJ's awful attorney general) against a Catholic order of nuns, the Little Sisters of the Poor, when they refused to pay to fund contraceptives as part of their health care plan since it violates their religious beliefs. Fortunately, the Supreme Court ruled against him. Religious freedom is clearly not part of his agenda.
Then, as the coronavirus ravaged Pennsylvania, Governor Tom Wolf and his incompetent Health Secretary shoved COVID-positive nursing home patients back into ill-prepared facilities over their objections, resulting in thousands of deaths (over 60 percent of our COVID deaths occurred among those over age 75 in long term care facilities, including nearly 80 percent in my county). You would think that the AG would investigate the state's handling of this tragic and fatal action.
You would be wrong. Shapiro focused his guns not on the failed and fatal decisions of the Governor and his Health Secretary, but the nursing homes into which COVID positive patients were forced into, in clear violation of federal guidelines.
If there was ever an example of the need for legislation that PROHIBITS attorneys general from running for other offices. at least without resigning, it would be Josh Shapiro. He is part of a very failed if not malign corps of Democratic officials who sit atop our state's highest offices. We deserve better.
Fortunately, Pennsylvanians will have an opportunity to vote for "better" this fall, and I'll be voting for Pittsburgh attorney Heather Heidelbaugh, the GOP nominee facing Shapiro. What a vast improvement she would be.
Thanks to my friend Matt Brouillette for introducing her to me via his superb podcast, "Brews and Views," a few months ago. She is worthy of our support.

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