Sunday, August 2, 2020

Forget Seeds from China - Follow Their (Counterfeit) Money

Unless you've taken a break from all kinds of media lately, you've heard about the mysterious shipments of seeds from China, mislabeled as jewelry and other items.
What $900 million in counterfeit $1 bills looks like

That's bad enough. It was either a "test run" or a potential biological attack. But in my humble opinion, that pales in comparison to a couple of other stories, both of which I've missed, until I heard China expert Gordon G. Chang mention the following on my friend Chris Stigall's estimable podcast ("Raising the Barr") last week.
China has increased its attempts to ship counterfeit currency into the US. There have been at least 3 instances reported this year - International Falls, MN; Cincinnati, OH (headed to Guthrie, OK!); and most recently, Milwaukee, WI.
The most alarming one to me was not the counterfeiting of $100 bills. That's tried all the time, and there's plenty of financial incentives for trying to do so. But the most interesting of these interventions was over $900,000 in $1 bills in Minnesota.
There is no conceivable, realistic financial incentive to counterfeit such a low-value currency. Unless, of course, they are being planned for other purposes. Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I cannot help but strongly suspect that China is engaged in a massive disinformation campaign - and worse - in the US right now.
I wonder what kind of currency Antifa activists are using right now for their various organized "events?" Too bad no one on the House Judiciary Committee bothered to ask the Attorney General about that during the clown show that they called a hearing this past week. (Yes, I know, this is a Treasury Department issue initially, but ultimately it's a national security issue).
While I'm glad the media is paying some attention to the currency issue - bad on me for not noticing - it's a lot bigger than contraband seeds (as bad as they may be, a form of biological warfare). I hope our best and brightest are on it.

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