Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Pennsylvania's Governor Expands Mask Mandate: 'Whenever Anyone Leaves Home"

Well, now our out-of-control Governor and his Health Secretary have really done it this time. They’ve expanded their mask order to require masks “whenever anyone leaves home.” This, despite evidence that the risk of contracting coronavirus outdoors, especially while physical distancing is ~0.
Please remind me, what “super spreader” events have occurred in most major cities (and a few “minor” ones) over the past 2 weeks? Massive Trump rallies? Umm, I can only think of one series of national protests involving about 20 million people, according to one poll.
Like most Pennsylvanians, I have complied and not complained about wearing a mask when frequenting indoor public facilities. You will not, however, ever find me wearing a mask on my occasional outdoor workouts, which I do alone. Line, drawn. Fortunately, having read the order, it only requires a mask outdoors when one cannot safely distance physically from others. But I’m sure the local Karens and their fellow Mask Nazi’s will be ready to pounce.
If Wolf and his Health Secretary are worried about outdoor spread, perhaps they should prevent or at least not encourage or support large public protests. Governor Wolf rather famously marched with BLM protestors, many of whom were not socially distancing or wearing masks, in the state Capitol of Harrisburg recently. Especially the violent ones.
Meanwhile, I’m glad my new mask arrived yesterday.

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