Friday, July 24, 2020

It's Not Just The Woke Mob in US Newsrooms - It's Canadian Ones, Too

As a former journalist, I follow the industry perhaps a little closer than most. I still have a few friends in the industry, including a White House chief correspondent for a major network. There are still a few good journalists in high places.
I'm glad not to be in their shoes these days. There is a massive seismic shift underway in that world, and it's been going on for a while. "Walking on Eggshells" culture is ubiquitous.
Some of you may have read or heard about the resignation letter from a New York Times editor, Bari Weiss. It received a lot of attention. Receiving a little less notoriety was Andrew Sullivan's departure from New York Magazine, now owned by the woke mob from Vox media. He's resuming his blog, The Dish, that he left some 5 years ago. Probably one of the most effective and leading advocates for same-sex marriage and an avid Trump hater, he was still too "conservative" for the Vox family because he ridicules "critical race theory." If you're not familiar with critical race theory, please check out this blog site (and subscribe).
If you think this is limited to the US, you would be wrong. The same insane, malign forces that have ruined higher education, has a grip on Hollywood and is destroying corporate cultures, it is now conducting a blitzkrieg of newsrooms to eradicate the final un-woke elements from among their midst. Including Canada. Their version of the "Final Solution," it seems. Keep in mind, too, that the Canadian government subsidizes major media outlets, including it's leading broadcast corporation, the CBC. God forbid that ever happens in the US.
I do not know Barbara Kay, but I am a pretty avid ready of Canada's National Post, akin to our Wall Street Journal (sort of, used to be). They have (had?) several outstanding columnists and reporters who provide me good insights into Canadian politics, which I've followed closely for the better part of two decades (longer, actually, going back to 1974 during my first trip to Canada as a Civil Air Patrol cadet).
Her post here, not unlike Bari Weiss's or Andrew Sullivan's, is rather illuminating. Recommended reading. They're all moving towards independent media. It's part of a remarkable shift from traditional outlets that now punish diverse thought and opinion, and I suspect signals a death knell of sorts to these "gray ladies." It is at least a big red flag.

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