Sunday, July 5, 2020

Cancel Culture Crosses "The Pond"

The "cancel culture," which President Trump briefly alluded to during his Mt. Rushmore speech on July 3rd, isn't just an American phenomenon. It's made its way across the pond to the Mother Country. It is rapidly reaching pandemic proportions.

One of the joys of having a well-organized YouTube account is that you can subscribe to all kinds of wonderful channels. My spouse and I are particularly fond of British History (we love the machinations of the "War of the Roses" between the houses of Lancaster and York), especially the often-sordid behaviors of conniving aspirants -- and mothers of aspirants - to the throne. And the two best narrators of programs on British History are Dan Jones and David Starkey. You should look them up.

I know little of either, but they both bring to life, with energy and passion, fascinating lore in a very open, transparent, and entertaining manner. British history is not for the squeamish.

Well, David Starkey has now been canceled. How it happened is worth your time. I did not realize that he was an outspoken, often politically incorrect gay conservative in the UK and an interview with another conservative got him into some trouble, forcing this noted historian into exile. I suspect YouTube will be scratching his videos off my library in short order.

His story, as told here, is both interesting and sad. And too familiar.

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